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Bat ears

I love her more than she loves her treats
13. September 2014


Lynn Martel/Gliderma

I haven’t posted about Lynn yet but I think it is time. Lynn is a woman in the community that has been known as a scammer and a liar but still sticks around. She has been jailed for shoplifting and welfare fraud. She is known to lie to new owners who don’t know any better.

Just a few issues she has had in the community:

  • Creating loopholes in contracts so that she can keep money when she doesn’t provide gliders
  • Arranging gift exchanges, has family members participate. Her and her family members either fail to send their gift or send unsafe, used, not good gifts.
  • Sold a glider that was tested with Giardia (very contagious illness). Refused accountability, never tested her gliders, never provided proof that her gliders are healthy
  • Getting breeders to lower prices because of personal reasons and never paying at all. (one instance of $1400, another of $300)
  • Selling cage sets but not delivering them.
  • Admitted to selling rescues at breeding prices.
  • Place special orders with vendors and after the order is finished not paying and trying to barter with goods.
  • Trying to get groups such as TGI (The Glider Initiative) and SUGAR Group to pay for her breeding expenses.
  • Breeding rescues
  • Mistreatment of gliders that caused illness and death
  • I personally bid on a charity auction on toy parts not realizing they were from her. She sent them weeks after she was supposed to and they arrived squished and dirty.

Lynn positions herself to help new glider owners. She is extremely dangerous to do any sort of business with. She runs the following groups I suggest to avoid:

It is best to just ignore and avoid Lynn because she is starting to threaten legal action (which probably not even going to happen but it will save you a headache)


And this is why I will be upset all day. This was from a follower this morning. I answered privately to prevent embarrassment but I want this information to be public.
99% of this ask is painful to read. Let me break it down: Milk and Cheese- absolutely not. The only dairy gliders should have would be the occasional yogurts based treat or little bit of yogurt. Sugar-absolutely not. Never feed pretty much any animal sugar that you buy from a store. No. This actually isn’t an uncommon question because of their name unfortunately. But no. Crushing their diet food- a paper staple is soft. The consistency of sherbert therefore if you a crushing their food I can only assume it is a pellet. Again, no.
At least they know not to feed chocolate.
I suggested to this person to abandon any plan they had and to do more research. I hope I don’t hurt their feelings by posting this but I need to make sure no one else is thinking the same thing. These can make your glider super sick.

Maybe we went a little too big? Haha.

I thought you guys might want to see this picture of Elvis eating his fruit.

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