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Sugar Glider Info is run by The Sugar Glider Adventure, a small scale breeder in Eastern NC.

Anonymous: Hey! So I'm looking to invest in a leucistic glider, male or female, not entirely sure yet, and I already own two females. I'm aware of a proper introduction and all of the requirements, but was wondering what you would recommend in regards to purchasing them. I purchased both of my girls from other owners who just happened to have gliders who had babies and they did not want to have that many gliders. Should I search for an actual breeder and also, should I stay away from all websites? Thanks!


I’m guessing this is not to breed? Are you worried about lineage?

If not, I would start with Resues, Craigslist, and Hoobly. (If you know what you are doing then there is nothing wrong with getting a glider from CL. But you probably won’t find Lues for rescue tbh. 

You will probably need to find a reputable breeder. On my Helpful Links page there are places to start looking!

If you let us know where you’re located, anon-that-may-never-see-this, we may be able to help, too.

15. April 2014


*Please Read* If you want to answer you can use my submit, ask, or fanmail. Everyone who answers correctly will be put in a raffle that will be picked Friday  :)

For one entry answer: Calculate the Ca:P ration for the following mix:

  1. Papaya
  2. Green Bell Pepper
  3. Red Bell Pepper
  4. Celery
  5. Cucumber
  6. Cactus Pear

For two entries also answer: What do you think of this mix?

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You need to have your ask open, and be willing to give me a shipping address. The prize this week is a sample pack of Australian Wombaroo Diet from The Pampered Glider! 

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So, I need couple of new wheels.

I visited this site but I have no clue what is the differens in all.. 

Is this the safest wheel around? Their feet doesn’t get stuck or anything. Is this site the cheapest? (I need to ship it to europe ) Does it stay still while in  on top of grate?

I have had over a dozen of those wheels (I’m a distributor for them, too), and I love them. If you’re worried about the wheel moving you can either attach it to the cage (I use cheap show curtain rings), or you can buy a cage mount that attaches directly to the bars. International shipping isn’t cheap, but I personally think it’s worth it by far.

Anonymous: Hey anons, take it from a vegan whose life sort of revolves around animal welfare: if you have a domesticated animal the BEST thing you can do for them is KEEP THEM SAFE AND HAPPY, that is IN YOUR HOME. Domesticated animals don't have the survival instinct of other animals because we have breed it out of them and as wrong as that is we can't just leave them all to die in the wild. And who are you to criticize when you work off the theory that people can "own" another living being. Stfu anon -_-


a vegan has spoken


Macchiato & Loki are best buds. Photo credit @michellybelly2 #sugarglider #sugargliderlove #sugargliderlover
29. March 2014


After a lot of research I have finally decided that I am ready to be a mama to a sugar glider or two! I would really like the input of other sugar parents on cages/toys/diets! Please and thank you! (:

Appa and Momo are cutey patooties. #tsga #sugargliders #animals #pets #cute